Women's Animal Fancy Dress Costumes For Hire

Women's Animal Fancy Dress Costumes

Frog | Penguin | Lion | Dinosaur | Gorilla | Monkey | Mouse | Crocodile | Bear | Dragon | Panda | Tiger | Fox | Reindeer | Wolf | Chicken | Rat | Cat | Horse | Cow | Camel | Donkey

Animals for a single person, or 'Panto' style for two people.

Some have large foam over-the-head masks, perfect if you don't want to be recognised, while others have the animal mask | head on top of your head (connected to the body with a hood) with space for your face underneath which makes it much easier if you want to eat | drink | talk.

Click a thumbnail to view larger images - these are just a small selection of what we have in store - please call 01371 875 545